How to pick the perfect wedding photographer

Wedding preparation is both exciting and full of challenges. You have time sensitive decisions and investments to make, from choosing the perfect location to agreeing on which vendors to set as your wedding day team. These professionals will be part of many special memories from your wedding day.

One of your most important vendor choices is who will capture the events of your wedding. A friend or relative may own a DSLR camera, but you should hire a professional photographer to ensure the day is properly documented.This simple guide will help you decide how to hire the perfect wedding photographer.

Happy spring time family portrait

Spring time is a great time, especially in the forrest where the leaves are light green. So we went out on a sunday morning. The weather was great, and everybody was happy (.

Portrait session under the bridge

Happy senior portrait session under the bridge (.

Location, Hadsten railroad station


New promotional photos made for Danbolig

New promotional photos made for Danbolig Hadsten, Hammel og Hinnerup.

Photos made on location in the all the 3 cities.

Both in rainy and sunny weather.

Happy real estate agents go for it (.

Family portrait session – Godsbanen Aarhus

Happy family portrait session On-location Godsbanen Aarhus.

Enjoy (.

Family photo – Aarhus Airport

The alarm is set to 03.00 AM. A big happy family is ready to fly on christmas holiday and would like to have taken a group photo before departure. So ready for shoot at 04.30 AM. It all comes together an half hour later (. Enjoy

Profile picture for LinkedIn

New portrait and profile pictures for LinkedIn

Family portrait

Family portrait made for Niels & Mette. They wanted to bring the closest family together, for a happy group portrait to their parents.

The photo was taken in their livingroom.

Enjoy (.

New pressphoto made for Kreativ Marketing Hadsten

Brand new pressphoto made for Kreativ Marketing Hadsten. Celebrating 20 years of anniversary. The man is still flying!

New promotional photos for acoustic guitarist Nicklas Sahl

Nicklas Sahl, a fantastic acoustic guitarist and singer from Hadsten, like some new photos taken for his upcoming events and promotion.

Here are a few of them, enjoy (-.

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