Today I got my brand new Business card! And what can I say more than, I just love them!!!! They are small pieces of art.

I have been searching aften some special business card for a long time. I use to have some regular business card you can get almost everywhere, and one day I came across photographer Ben Chrisman (one of top 10 wedding photographers in US), business card. They were really beautiful, more than just a “normal” business card. You could see that they have been made in a very special way, that you would not normal see when you see a business card. I asked Ben who made his absolutely beautiful business card, and he told me it was Zida at Studio Z Mendocino in California. I took contact to Zida, and I`m so so happy for that. She is so passionate about her work and her letterpress printing, and such an amazing person. She helped me all way through the process, and came up with some great ideas about the look, and the edge painting of the card in electric blue, so they match my website The card is made on super thick black museum mount paper 600 gram Lettra, with 3 gloss foils. Besides they look fantastic, they also feels fantastic.

I just can`t wait to hand them out (.